Sunday, 25 September 2016

Listen to Heart Radhika

This book is dedicated to all mothers.
Radhika says on the delivery bed, “If after delivery I am alive I am elevated
as Mother and if I die then I go
to the Heaven directly.” Explore
about Radhika who dedicated her
life as a mother in upbringing her children - Radhe and Radhu; to mould them
as good human beings and inculcated high values and culture to be a good
Knowingly-unknowingly or consciously -
unconsciously our mothers also follow the path of Bhagavad-Gita while up
bringing us.

In my journey of, ‘Listen to Heart…’ I am trying to understand the Purpose of Life and thus explore to
find ‘The Other Side of Life’ and
follow the path of ‘The
to make it ‘A Way
of Life’
as ‘Radhika’ has done
her best by dedicating her life and performing her duty for her children.

By exploring about Radhika we would
even explore ourselves and understand how our mother has lived her life for
us -
Mother- My Strength … My Weakness …”

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