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7. Listen to Heart - Learning by Unlearning has No Bar ….

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7. Listen to Heart - Learning by Unlearning has No Bar ….

In the morning when we go out for work, it is an atmosphere where everyone is in hurry and keeps on moving in his / her own direction. We just wish each other a very good morning or hello and ask how are you and how do you do…..It is a positive vibration. We go all fresh.

A child goes to school. You may find parents with them who go to drop him till the bus stop or the school. We observe that the child talks to his mother on the way. He gets his last moment queries clear before he reaches.  He asks or tells his friend if any confusion is left in the mind. In school he gets more knowledge by his teacher. This cycle goes on and moves to college and to university and so on. In the process he clears the doubts. Even when one starts his professional career he is in the process of learning by being trainee. A student comes out of his college / university with some theoretical and bit practical knowledge. When he reaches to the work place he realizes that he is in the ocean. He starts interaction with his team mates may be his senior, counterparts or junior. A person with open mind keeps on going and keeps on learning day by day.

When a child goes to bed his mother, grandmother, tells him many good lessons in form of story. It is in this form he is able to remember easily for whole of his life. Parents will ask a teenager more about his activity of the whole day. They take more care during this age of his as it is a crucial time for him. This teaches us about our traditions. One should grow with tradition. I remember my grandfather used to ask me to wish everyone, whenever I meet. He taught to touch the elders’ feet and take blessings. Though I was young when my grandfather ( I used to call him Pitaji ) passed away but I still remember he used to tell that “ a man is a human being first and his first priority should be to attain humanity and then the desired professional qualification will automatically be achieved “.  This is one of the tag line which I try to take care. Do we require an official classroom to learn this, rather any place where you can learn is a classroom.

A child has inclination towards learning. One has to be childish in nature to keep his learning process always young. During learning he has to be fresh so he has to keep the process of unlearning in open mind. The mind has to be open and not blocked else if unlearning is not there then learning cannot take place. Learning is necessary part to keep updated. So there is no age bar for learning. An open mind person tries to learn from everyone he is in contact may be a male, female, young, old, any religion, any cast, any nationality, at any place (school, field, travelling, etc.), at any time, ….. A teacher and a student are not interested to have any bar during learning process as hindrance, rather they try to raise the bar of learning. The whole life is a learning process, whole world is an institution and everyone is a teacher. When Sachin Tendulkar joined the Indian Cricket team he was the youngest and when he retired he was the oldest. He could play for maximum number of years. It was due to his alertness and attitude towards learning new techniques by unlearning the older ones.

Arjuna asks Krishna to take his chariot in the middle of the battlefield. When he sees the opponent army he sees them not as soldiers with whom he has to fight but sees them as relatives. It was due to his emotions overwhelming. He refuses to fight. More than the actual battlefield which disturbed him was a battle which started in his mind was between emotions and reasons of battle. The blindness took over due to his emotions. Arjuna believed Krishna as his friend and guide. He surrendered himself to Krishna. Arjuna Said, “My Dear Krishna, Seeing my friends and relatives present before me in such a fighting spirit, I feel the limbs of my body quivering and my mouth drying up.” Krishna then gave him lessons to lift him out of external and internal battlefield. Krishna took the role of a teacher and made the battlefield (Kurukshetra) as an institution and Arjuna as his student. Krishna is available at any time and at any place for whole of our life as a teacher, guide, friend, parents, and child. He abodes in our Heart. We need to Listen to Heart.

Courtesy : Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ) ,  Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( by A. Parthasarathy  & ) Chapter 1 : Text 28

8. Listen to Heart - Supreme Assistant…….

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8. Listen to Heart - Supreme Assistant…….

I was studying BE. My friend had joined NDA at Khadakwasala. We used meet on Sundays at Pune. He was continuously asking me to visit NDA. I planned for coming Sunday. I was excited and got up early on Sunday morning. I reached swargate (bus stop) and took a bus to NDA. The bus was of PMT. It was not a direct bus so it had to stop on the prescribed stoppages. I could find my friend at bus stop where I had to get down. “Waaahoooo……. What a big and fantastic campus” I automatically told my friend. He took me to several places inside the campus. I could find the life very disciplined. All these cadets are supposed to be the future of our country. The country would in their safe hands. So their training helps them to improve their alertness by physical and mental exercise.

I was walking back to the bus stop. It was evening. The darkness started covering. The street lights were switched on. The vehicles started moving with the headlights on. My friend was saluting all the vehicles (four and two wheelers). I could find some cadets were on front rolls on the way. I was wondering. I decided to ask him about this behavior of his. I asked him, “what is the rule for salute and why do you salute”. He answered in a very simple way, “You need to salute all your seniors and this way you pay respect”. I told him “you are saluting all, are all senior to you”. He said, “In this darkness I do not know who is passerby. I cannot take a risk of missing a single senior also. I am giving benefit of doubt to juniors also by saluting them. If I miss one also I would also be on the front roll. I don’t find anything wrong in paying respect to juniors also. They would also feel happy that my senior has saluted me. So I am not hurting in fact I am respecting all as human beings”. It was a great thought. I said, “Now I salute you for this gesture and nice lesson which you have given me on the pavement. You made his pavement also a classroom”. We then laughed…..This walk of mine is unforgettable. I was wondering on the way back to Pune that I was in darkness internally and externally (which had covered all of us) but my friend was in darkness only externally but internally he had found light and was surrounded by positive energy.

I happened to meet my friend a year before in Delhi in person. He is Colonel. I saluted him for the great thought which I still carry. We were having dinner together at his place. We introduced our wives & then we were busy remembering our school days. We talked about the present. He shared another experience with me. He said he was on an important expedition few months before. He said “I cannot share the details of the expedition as I am committed but will share an incidence”. I respected his concerns and decided not to enquire much. He went to take the charge of the group which was given to him for the expedition. The second in command saluted him and briefed him about the battalion. He introduced himself and conveyed the plan and asked them to be at ease with alertness and wait for next order. He went to his room. The room was knocked. A junior of his wanted to meet him. He called him inside. The junior wished him. The junior then asked him to recognize him. After a long exercise of the brain he could recognize him and my friend saluted him in return with great respect and pride. This junior of my friend was an instructor of his in laboratory at NDA during his training. My friend was full of emotions. His instructor said now I love to see my student leading the expedition. Let me see and learn from your leadership. My friend emotionally said to his instructor that “I cannot pass any order to you as you are my guru. Now you are assisting me. I do not know what to do sir. I am nervous. The instructor again taught him to do his duty (Karma) and as per duty the instructor (college teacher / guide) was supposed to assist him and asked my friend to move on to achieve the target of the expedition. The confidence of my friend increased and they were successful in completion of the expedition. This was a real scene of Mahabharatha where Krishna asks Arjuna to perform his duty.

In Mahabharatha, Pandavas chose Krishna on their side. Krishna took the role of a charioteer. Arjuna was his friend and Krishna apart from his friend he was also the Master and Guide of Arjuna. Krishna is not sitting on high moral cloud and passing judgment on humanity but accepted the role to assist Arjuna who represented humanity.

Courtesy : Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ) ,  Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( by A. Parthasarathy  & ) Chapter 1 : Text 14

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6. Listen to Heart - Alertness can be improved by being Alert ……

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6. Listen to Heart - Alertness can be improved by being Alert ……



Alertness is viewed in different ways by different persons depending upon his / her requirement in concerned field of work and interest. In a simple way we can say that alertness is quick to notice any unusual. To be alert we need to be attentive, watchful, observant, responsive, etc. Alertness is required by an IPS officer, an IAS officer, a Doctor, an Engineer, a Teacher, a Lawyer, a Soldier, a Judge, Parents, a Brahmin, a Yogi, by everyone. To achieve this we need to be disciplined. We need to nurture ourselves. We need to be Positive. We should be in Positive atmosphere surrounded by Positive Vibration. Everyone has its own way to make it happen.



I was going through an article - How to Increase Alertness (Edited by DifuWu, Lily A, Girly99, Mummymunt) which I would like to share.



·         Get enough sleep at night. We all know it's important, but many of us don't know just how important. Sleep is the most important factor in increasing alertness, according to University of Florida psychology professor Ira Fischler. Although the amount each person requires varies, The National Sleep Foundation suggests 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours for teenagers and 7 to 9 hours for adults.

·         Stimulate your mind by crossword puzzles, creative writing, word jumbles, etc. If an activity stimulates your brain activity, you can increase your alertness to perform any task better.

·         Avoid heavy meals, increase protein and vitamin intake and decrease carbohydrate intake, etc.

·         Take a power nap to recharge (15-30 min).

·         Coffee (or other sources of caffeine)- do not exceed 8 oz. a day

·         Smell strong oils (Cinnamon), it really helps to open up the mind.

·         Wash your face with cold water every 1-2 hours.

·         Walk a bit every half an hour for about 1-2 min... Avoid staying stationary for too long.


There could be other means also e.g.;


·         Perform physical exercise in Gymnasium

·         Practice Yoga

·         Practice concentration

·         Take fresh Oxygen

·         Do chanting

·         Avoid negative people company

·         Think Positive about yourself & about others

·         Keep on practicing good practices to improve.

·         Attitude to do

·         Do your duty (Karma) honestly

·         Practice detachment

·         Believe in & respect your Guide or Master

And many more…….




We need to improve Alertness for performing any activity. We mean improving alertness in all ways. We need to control our sense organs. We need to practice detachment. Arjuna asks Krishna to place the chariot in the middle. He wanted to see all against whom he had to fight. This would help him to be more alert as this is one of the characteristic of any soldier. In this verse, Arjuna is referred as Gudakesa which means a person who conquers sleep. Here sleep does not mean only physical sleep. It even means darkness of life and ignorance. As Krishna was his friend and he was a great devotee of Krishna (his Master / Guide) he always remembered Krishna. Arjuna remembered him even in his sleep, while walking and during his all activities. He thought of his qualities which he tried to practice and remembered his pastimes. By doing this any Krishna devotee can conquer sleep and ignorance. One of simplest way is to practice Chanting.




Courtesy : Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ) ,  Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( by A. Parthasarathy  & ) Chapter 1 : Text 24