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Book - Listen to Heart: The Other Side of Life

In my journey of, ‘Listen to Heart…’ I am trying to understand the ‘purpose of life’ to find ‘The Other Side of Life’. I have learnt that ‘Whatever has happened in Maha-(Bharat) has happened in Bharat (India), is happening in Bharat (India) and will happen in Bharat (India). On the contrary whatever has not happened in Maha- (Bharat) has not happened in Bharat (India), is not happening in Bharat (India) and will not happen in Bharat (India)’.

I have learnt through Gita in which the preaching is given to Arjuna by Krsn himself; the methodology to deal with our life. This helps us to make our life beautiful, simple and with full of love. I have understood that Gita is not only related to spirituality but in fact it is a way of life which we view it as ‘The Other Side of Life’. It deals with science of spirituality and science of life. The teachings are very simple to implement in our life provided we all decide to keep our life simple and not make a complex one. To understand better as a child I started writing the learnings in my own words of understanding by taking help of related articles through some books, magazines, websites, etc. to enrich my knowledge and make it practical in life.

The journey started to understand if Gita is a way of life. I just have taken a small step and tried to understand the Science of Spirituality associated with Gita and found that there is a better and happier life on the other side. So the journey started of “Listen to Heart: The Other Side of Life”. I understood that what we say as “The Other Side of Life” is actually the way of life and what we term as the way of life is actually the other side of life but it up to us to decide. This helps us to “Change yourself Rather Changing Others …” as I can only change myself. The Learnings of “The Other Side of Life” helps us to deal with the Way of Life we are dealing with in day to day life. So we should perform our duty and karma by taking help from Gita.
The Book “Listen to Heart: The Other Side of Life” by Anuragam Vatsa available on

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